Regeneration Space


What is the regeneration space?

Resilient Acres LLC – the non-profit LLC that conducts all of the farming operations – works together in a collaborative agritourism partnership with other businesses to promote the sale of the commercial agricultural products.

The Regeneration Space includes indoor and outdoor shared work, meeting and event space on a 122 acre farm in Chardon, Ohio.  Sustaining members who own or operate businesses which

  • are aligned with Resilient Acres’ mission to promote human and environmental health
  • agree to engage in utilization of the space, first and foremost, to promote the sale of Resilient Acres LLCs’ regenerative farm products

may apply to utilize the member access hours to reserve and access the Regeneration Space for the purposes of

  • utilizing shared work space
  • hosting events
  • meeting with aligned clients, vendors and other individuals.

Please note that utilization of membership benefits must be conducted in compliance with CDC and WHO guidelines related to containing COVID-19.

Current Members

Tammy Gutierrez, MD

Tammy Gutierrez, MD is a family functional medicine physician who provides virtual functional medicine wellness consultations to her patients, teaches cooking classes, and is working with us to develop a diet-based CSA program to help facilitate lifestyle modification efforts of her patients whilst supporting our regenerative agricultural efforts.

Membership Opportunities 

If you own or operate a business, enterprise or want to host an event that is aligned with regenerative agriculture, and that may work synergistically to promote the sale of our agricultural products, please email us at